Under medical supervision, the medical hair analyzes are carried out successfully for many years.

If your hair is dull and brittle and the hair style does not fit properly, then going to the hairdresser does not necessarily create a remedy. Maybe you should see in this case a doctor. Why? Because hair say a lot more about our physical condition than was previously thought.

Minneral-Hair-Analysis shows which substances the body missing; which he has to excess and toxins which incriminate him.

Many diseases such as allergies, rheumatism, fatigue, depression, headache and high blood pressure in his opinion, "lifestyle diseases" associated with the wrong composition of the diet or high heavy metal contamination from the environment.

Scope of delivery: Minaral Hair Analysis (basic program) with individual nutrient recommendation.
Available german, french and italian

Delivery time, from hair sample and receipt of payment 2-4 weeks.
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